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Xanax Introduction:

it is commonly known as Alprazolam, it is a powerful benzodiazepine drug and introduced in 1976 comes in tablet form or an extended-release capsule. Need to be taken when prescribed. This medicine has a potent and therapeutic anti-anxiety, sedative and anticonvulsant effects, mostly prescribed for mental health disorders. That includes:

•    Panic disorder

•    Various phobias

•    Generalized anxiety disorder

How to use Xanax:

There are some steps that need to remember before using Xanax. Some of them are as follows:

•    Always read the medical guidelines before taking any medicine, it can be bought by pharmacist r ask your doctor about it and try to buy it each time you get a refill.

•    Taking this medicine through the mouth is recommended by the doctors, doctors will decide the dose according to your medical condition, age, response to treatment, it may be graduating increase until it starts working it totally depends on the doctor.

•    This medicine may cause withdrawal symptoms if it is been using for a longer period of time or in high dose. Symptoms like seizures may occur if you stop taking it suddenly. To prevent these symptoms doctor may reduce the dose size.

•    This medicine has higher benefits but still, it may give addiction and the risk is higher if you have substance use disorder. Taking this medicine in the same way as it is prescribed in best and reduces the risk of addiction as well. Clear all the doubts with doctor or pharmacist.

•    When this medicine is taken for a longer period it may even stop working in a proper way, in that case, inform your doctor about the conditions.

Key information to know before using Xanax:

It is important to know all the precaution before using any medicine to save yourself from severe conditions, some of such precaution is as follows:

•    Before taking this medicine it is important to inform the doctor about all your previous medical conditions, allergies, as it contains inactive ingredients which can cause allergic reactions so talk to your doctor or pharmacist about it.

•    Before using such medicine please consult your doctor or pharmacist about all the medical condition like breathing problem, COPD, sleep apnea, liver diseases, kidney issues, family or personal substance use disorder such as overuse or addiction to alcohol.

•    This drug may cause drowsiness, dizziness, so never take alcohol during this medication as it may lead to more dizziness.

•    If going through any surgery tell your doctor about all the product you are using like a nonprescription drug, herbal products as well as prescribed products.

•    Senior citizen has seen to have more side effect of Xanax, it may cause the loss of coordination, drowsiness, etc. this may increase the risk of falling.

•    Pregnant ladies need to be away from this medicine as this may harm the child as well the breastfeeding mother also void such medicine as it can pass on to their child through milk.


Side effects of Xanax:

There are several side effect of this medicine and before start taking this medicine it is important to know about this and then start the medication, some of them are as:

•    Drowsiness, dizziness, increased saliva production, change in sex drive are some of the normal side effects of Xanax, to minimize the effect of drowsiness and lightheadedness get up slowly when rising from a seated or lying position.

•    Do not afraid of side effects please remember that the doctor prescribes this medicine because of its good impact and many other benefits to your body so never take stress about the side effects.

•    Also remember to inform your doctor if there were some serious side effects like the thought of suicide, hallucinations, slurred speech, etc.

•    There are no such serious allergic reactions, but if you feel any one of them like rashes, itchiness or swelling then contact to doctor immediately.

Benefits of using Xanax:

This medicine is used to help reduction in severe to moderate pain; it actually changes the brain reaction towards pain and pain feeling on any part of the body.

Overdose effect of Xanax: an overdose of any medicine is very normal and common if taken in an inappropriate portion, take medicine more than prescribed time as well as in rapid schedules but Xanax overdose may cause

1.    Confusion

2.    Problem with the coordination of different body parts.

3.    Respiratory depression

4.    Sleepiness/sleeping for long period is a common side effect of an overdose of Xanax.

5.    Impaired reflexes.

6.    A person may go into a coma.

In case any of these sign appear contact to doctor immediately it is very necessary.

Dose process of Xanax:

A dose of Xanax is totally depended on the medical condition of the patient as very patient is going through a different problem and respond differently to every medicine.


•    Do not ever share this medicine with anyone having the same problem as you.

•    People taking Xanax for a longer period have to track the body functionality by doing a different test like liver function test, etc periodically.

•    If you ever missed any dose then you need to take as soon as you remember, if it is at the same time of your next dose then skip the missed dose. Do not ever double the dose.

•    Storage of Xanax should be at room temperature and should be away for light and moisture, never keep it in the bathroom and always keep your kids away from your medicines.

•    If anytime you want to flush the medicine in case of expiry then contact a pharmacist about it or read the instruction given in the medicine description, never discard it in flush or toilets.


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